Why you should you choose WeP MPS

  Proven Leadership
  •  Pioneer in Industry with 14+ Years Indian market experience in MPS Business.
  •  Supporting 500+ Happy Customers & 25000 devices under direct MPS.
  •  Strong presence with own set up in major states across the country.
Robust Support Infra
  •  Direct end to end Consumable management including own warehouse in all major states.
  •  Direct Support capability in Major cities across India. Proven track record.
  •  Futuristic approach.
Superior Capabilities
  •  A true MPS company  – 200+ Professional Dedicated for MPS
  •  World Class Software solutions, Services infrastructure, tools & resources
  •  Best in class Transition & Operation methodology.
Differentiated Vision
  •  New Technology focused on Print Security & Cloud Printing
  •  Vendor / Platform agnostic integration capabilities
  •  “App based call logging” – Industry Innovation
A managed print program is designed to help customers streamline their print-related processes by increasing efficiency and provide them with cost savings. Here are five ways you can use WeP MPS to address common print problems and provide customers with additional value.
  • Remote monitoring: A remote monitoring tool can be used to replace manual processes like placing service calls or submitting supply orders with automated alerts and notifications. Remote monitoring enables proactive device management, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency for customers.
  • Supply and service management: Customers are often faced with a feast or famine dilemma when it comes to their supplies where they end up with too little or too much of what they need. Similarly, customers may not be aware of an issue with a device until long after it happens, resulting in costly and inconvenient device downtime. Alerts based on supply thresholds and error codes can be used to create a proactive supply and service program that provides customers with what they need, when they need it.
  • Reduced IT workload: Many customers do not have a dedicated resource to manage devices in the office. The responsibility often falls to IT staff who also take care of the company’s other IT needs. From diagnosing device problems on their own to actually placing helpdesk calls, IT staff can end up spending a lot of time dealing with device maintenance. An MPS solution can eliminate the time IT spends on device-related issues so they can focus their efforts on their primary responsibilities, effectively making device management more efficient and increasing productivity.
  • Control and accountability: WeP MPS solutions come with powerful reporting tools that can provide customers with insight into their print activities including information about problem devices, utilization, page coverage and more. These metrics will help you to optimize the print environment, increasing efficiency and decreasing costs.
  • Reduced environmental impact: Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their day-to-day activities, including print. For many people and organizations, print is still a necessary part of their work day, but a managed print solution can make print more environmentally friendly by: • Consolidating devices • Reducing the amount of wasted toner in a cartridge • Using paper consumption data to reforest your company’s paper footprint
Why do customers choose WeP MPS :
  • 90% Consistent and reliable print management
  • 90% Quality of customer service
  • 87% Freeing up staff time
  • 84% Reporting and visibility into print-related costs
  • 83% Speed of service and support
  • 81% Reduced environmental waste (e.g. paper and toner)
  • 80% ROI and cost savings