MPS Business

MPS Business

Benefits of MPS

WeP started the MPS business from the year 2002, progressively growing to over 1500+ locations across India for 600+ customers with 19000+ printer/copiers. WeP offers the absolute key for managed printing and imaging solutions providing more time for an organization to focus on their core business area. MPS not only helps in dropping hassles of printing it also helps in dipping costs related to printing. :

The recent economic climate has awakened business holders across the nation to the growing need of keeping costs in check while freeing the primary work force to focus on mission-critical tasks and roping in experts for enhanced efficiency and end-user experience. WeP’s MPS portfolio answers exactly these demands while incorporating increasingly optimal workflow processes into organizations.


    We offer APS under MPS, offering customers an option of enjoying full benefits of printing with no capital investment from their end.

  • Full Service Solution (FSS)

    We offer to influence on our MPS knowledge and embark on ultra-efficient administration of the customer’s existing printer infrastructure with FSS modules.


    We perform Bulk Printing Solutions (BPS) or large scale printing jobs for clients. Depending on the requirements of clients, we offer MPS either on- site or off-site.

  • Phase I – Revenue Acquisition

    Identify a business meeting the requirements of adding to the top-line with flexibility in terms of speed, knowledge of the product market, similar customer segment and which involves minimal outflow of cash.

  • Phase II – Value Accretion and Risk Mitigation

    Identify a new business segment or a horizontal, catering mostly to the existing customer segment of WeP Solutions.

  • Phase III – Value Game Changer

    Explore high value – high margin products in areas catering to new geographies and/or new customer segments. At this stage, WeP Solutions will invest in creating intellectual property.

  • Our People are present PAN India reaching out to diverse locations
  •  Our enduring and thriving partnerships with Global Technology Leaders as well as our prized partners enable us to generate more growth
  • We co-ordinate with several cardinal government agencies to allow uninterrupted expanse
  •  Our talented leadership has rich experience in handling turnkey projects and always guides us in dynamic directions
  •  Our customer-focused service chain is enriched by regular customer interactions and provides customized and valuable business propositions for customers
  • Our tech-savvy talent pool satiates the demand created by increased focus on IT driven governance
  • Our experience and business relationships across sectors enable us to dive into all types of enterprises and answer their MPS needs

Current Status

Equipment ownership-Customer

Vendor’s role– Only Suggesting printer model

People Power

  • Supply only hardware.
  • Separate vendors for toner and AMC

Cost– Hardware, AMC, Toners, spares separately

Key Vendor Competencies– Technology

Managed Print Solution

Equipment ownership– Vendor

Vendor’s role– Manage entire print cycle

People Power– Hardware, Supplies, Services, Software, Maintenance, Optimization, Consulting, Call center support, MIS, E-waste management

Cost– Only per click charge (usage based model)

Key Vendor Competencies– Technology, Service network, Expertise, Financial strength

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