WeP Mail-to-Print

Print your emails and attachments — directly.

Whether you are a recognized user or a guest on the network, you can forward an email message to the WeP system or to a printer, without connecting to the organization’s LAN. WeP’s unique solution lets you print emailed documents from your mobile device, without distorting the document format. The original look of the document is maintained.

No Special Connection Required

Usually, printing documents within the organization using a mobile device requires a special connection. In addition, in many cases the document is not rendered correctly, particularly when printing Microsoft Office documents. Using WeP Mail-To-Print, you do not encounter these issues — it is only software, and it works for all printers. When you access the printer, you can select which attached documents and images you wish to print. Many document formats are possible, including DOC, XLS, HTML, PDF, TXT, PPT, JPG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP – even if you don’t personally have the associated software installed.