Centralized Print Management

WeP Centralized Print Management

Centralized print management

WeP allows you to use a centralized print center without sacrificing print job security.

Recent trends in printer fleet management show that there is a definite move towards central print management.

The company simply installs the print management software on a single centrally located server accessible throughout the enterprise.

One advantage of a centralized print server is that it allows a single point of control and oversight of all enterprise print jobs and queues.

However, not all printers and not all users are alike. In recognition of this fact, the Sentinel solution additionally allows the system administrator to control definitions at the level of individual printers. Furthermore, Sentinel automatically detects network printers. Because you can centralize the printer definitions, all the workstations are basically thin clients.

WeP allows the system administrator to easily and intuitively manage printing throughout the organization.

  • Manage printing permissions and activity.
  • Assign users to departments and then track actual printer use by department.
  • Allocate print quotas per user.
  • Bill according to the type of printing: page size, color/mono, and duplex/simplex.
  • Access reliable and immediate data about printer usage in the organization.
  • Administer printer resources via the powerful reporting system and generate organization-wide reports, filtered by printer, user, quantity, etc.
  • Receive alerts of problems as they arise, including errors relating to the toner status, via built-in reports delivered automatically by email.
  • Limit printers to certain access hours to ensure that no one is printing outside work hours.
  • Design reports with the built-in¬†Report Designer, including access to and integration with other databases within the organization.