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I recently read that actress, Demi Moore’s hospitalization in 2011 was not from exhaustion, as previously reported, but from the use of synthetic marijuana or “spice” incense.

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Likewise, some years ago, a 22-year-old Adivasi youth died in a bioequivalence trial of the antidepressant citalopram by the Sun Pharma Advanced Research Centre in Vadodara.

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drugs may reduce the risk of infected people passing on the virus, and may prevent healthy people from

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Other factors that weigh into cost savings are frequency and cost of traditional bulb/ballast replacement and energy cost

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It is torture knowing the many benefits yet not being able to stomach the taste

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exposure to diethylstilbestrol decades ago.DES is a drug once prescribed during pregnancy to prevent

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But they are either seriously misinformed or willfully ignorant

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Imports have plummeted, as a result of bad harvests in the producer countries.