Custom, Comprehensive Print Reporting with WeP

Improve Resource Utilization with WeP’s Built-in Print Reporting Tools

True printing control starts with the ability to analyze print usage. WeP has a set of built-in reports which include information about printing activity according to users, printing devices, date ranges, etc. These built-in reports display various aspects of the information, both in summary and detailed formats. It is also possible to create a wide variety of customized reports, according to the organization’s specific requirements. Built-in reports include Printers Summary, User Summary, Top 10 Users, Group Summary, Print Job Type, Savings Report, etc. Each report can be printed and exported to PDF, EXCEL, Word and XML formats.

Filtering Reports

Each report can be filtered according to:
  • Dates
  • Job status
  • Time range
  • Specific printer
  • Specific user
  • User groups
  • Additional data fields such as printer, user, and bill code …and many more

Scheduled Reports

Printing reports can be scheduled to run on a regular basis according to a required start date and frequency (daily/weekly/monthly). Scheduled reports can be saved as files for viewing, or sent as E-Mails, according to the organization’s needs.

Custom Printing Reports and Reports Designer

In addition to the built-in reports, custom reports can be created from scratch, using the FastDesigner printing report builder supplied with Sentinel. Furthermore, the FastDesigner can be used to edit existing built-in printing reports. The designer can be installed on the WeP print server via the Web application. The designer enables easy customization of existing reports as well as the creation of new reports according to user requirements.