With print typically the third-highest operating expense behind rent and payroll, there’s no doubt that maintaining control of print expenditure is vital for organizations looking to reduce costs. A managed print solution is often put forward as a way to take control of costs and make efficiency savings, but is the business case for MPS robust? Below are 7 reasons why we think you should switch to MPS.
  1. Reduced costs Typically, WeP MPS will audit a business’ current print infrastructure to identify immediate savings. This thorough assessment will not only review the type and number of printers in a fleet, but will also help businesses gather insight into their print activities, the user-to-printer ratio, the amount spent on printer consumables and the resources used to maintain print operations.
  2. Greater visibility & monitoring As well as immediate cost savings, WeP MPS ensures long-term optimisation by continually monitoring print activities. In addition to preventing over expenditure on consumables, this also allows businesses to view print activities by the department and make adjustments accordingly to ensure ongoing optimisation.
  3. Simplified budgets WeP MPS solutions enables businesses to base their printer budgets on actual usage rather than forecasts, ensuring more accurate budgeting and less time spent on estimating figures.
  4. Single source supplier Consolidating all print costs into one transparent invoice reduces the time spent on processing multiple invoices and managing multiple supplier relationships. Moreover, opting for a single supplier rather than sourcing from multiple companies, will ensure a more reliable delivery service.
  5. Consistent print quality By centralizing print-related product procurement, businesses can expect quality paper and colour matching to be extended across all company printing activities, protecting brand identity by ensuring branded documents remain consistent across the board.
  6. A proactive service Regular monitoring and maintenance will help keep ink and toner in supply and identify potential problems before they affect your employees. Not only does this keep your office running efficiently, it also helps alleviate the pressure on busy I.T departments as the calls to handle day-to-day printer malfunctions are significantly reduced.
  7. Better for the Environment In addition to reducing consumable wastage, WeP MPS can help businesses discover exactly where printing practices can be adjusted to reduce energy and paper consumption, helping them to achieve a demonstrable reduction in the impact they have on the environment.