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designed the $27 million Florida Atlantic University/University of Florida Joint-Use Facility to be located

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but we have actually had to suffer some of the consequences of the current environment and we have had

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The top crap managers, directors, and president of the company for which I work can fuck themselves at a minimum, and drop dead to really make this world a better place.

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The central part can lift vertically to allow large ships to pass through

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wrócia i ju mi brakuje si,poszam na zwolnienie z pracy bo nie dawaam rady ,szybkie i mocne bicie wykaczao

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Quality care means patients always leave a hospital stay feeling better

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in a co-solvent system consisting essentially of a lower alkanol in combination with a dihydroxy alcohol

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I was getting very down and had very little interest in what was going on around me, and at that point, if I'm honest, I didn't care

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